Baltimore emcee Los signed with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records back in 2005 and subsequently left the label without releasing an album. In 2012, he resigned to the famous imprint, which left people wondering why he would resign to the label that once left him out to dry. Now, just about two-years after inking the deal, Los has severed ties with Bad Boy, once again left out to dry, without releasing an album.

As reported by HHNM, the announcement of Los parting ways with Bad Boy came this morning during an appearance on the Sway In The Morning show on Shade45.

As it was previously reported in Feb 2012, Los explained why he left Bad Boy in 2005 only to resign with them in 2012:

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You know I had a relationship with Puff from the past. In 2005, I was signed to Bad Boy and things didn’t work out. Non-musical factors affected us, and we went our separate ways, and I just continued to work and build my brand and put my own thing together. It just so happened I started to get the attention of the masses. And, we had a vested interest and he gave me a call, and we just started talking and communicating and we re-built the friendship and we just sat back and saw where it would go. It all ended up coming full circle, and here we are now, you know?

Other than the announcement of Los leaving Bad Boy again, not much more information was revealed on the reasoning behind the split, but stay tuned to DS an we will keep you updated when that news comes to light.