As previously reported by Def Sounds, Baltimore emcee, Los inked a new deal with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. When the announcement was made a lot of people wondered why he would re-sign with Bad Boy after being left out to dry on his first go round with the imprint. Now Los gives some insight on why he re-signed with Diddy.

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Los chopped it up with AHH, and spoke on the reasoning on why he re-signed with Diddy’s Bad Boy Records:

You know I had a relationship with Puff from the past. In 2005, I was signed to Bad Boy and things didn’t work out. Non-musical factors affected us, and we went our separate ways, and I just continued to work and build my brand and put my own thing together. It just so happened I started to get the attention of the masses. And, we had a vested interest and he gave me a call, and we just started talking and communicating and we re-built the friendship and we just sat back and saw where it would go. It all ended up coming full circle, and here we are now, you know?