What up ya’ll so in honor of the late great J Dilla anything I post this month will be all Dilla

For those who don’t know February is the month Dilla was born and also died. So in the hip-hop world we consider this Dilla month!!

What I have for you today is a very rare release called Vol. 2: Vintage which is 13 beats compiled from 1995-1998. Like I sad a very rare collection  of some of Dilla’s best beats.

Another cool fact about this tape is he made all this on the MPC 2000 in his home in detroit. For those who know Dilla made a majority of his tracks on the Sp-1200 so you can def feel the difference from this in comparison to his other beats


  1. It’s Dope
  2. Kamaal
  3. Doo Doo
  4. The Skip
  5. Get Down
  6. Dreamy
  7. Coastin’
  8. The Dee
  9. Earl
  10. On the 1
  11. Circus
  12. Grannie
  13. Trashy

Unfortunately I don’t have the download link but the youtube link is just as good

Long live my favorite producer to ever do it