As Def Sounds previously reported, Lil Wayne appeared in court to give a deposition with Quincy Jones III’s lawyer due to a lawsuit filed against Jones by Wayne. The suit stems from the rapper claiming that he never gave Jones permission to use his music in The Carter documentary.

While Wayne was being deposed, he didn’t give one straight answer and played with the lawyer the whole deposition. Weezy couldn’t seem to “recall” anything when asked about past legal problems, but what he did “recall” was hilarious. Some media outlets even called it the funniest legal proceeding of all time.

Well it turns out that Lil Wayne’s lack of accountability during the deposition might have backfired on him, and the odds of him winning the suit went down drastically, because his lawyers are forced to use to the videotaped deposition as his testimony during the trial, because Wayne will not appear to testify on his own behalf due to his recent medical problems.

As reported by TMZ, the Young Money rapper will not appear in the courtroom during his trial after suffering multiple seizure-like symptoms last week, and the only Wayne the jury will see is the Wayne in his videotaped deposition.

The publication also noted that after the judge saw Lil Wayne’s deposition, he said the rapper “acted like an irresponsible little child” while scolding him for displaying “unreasonable conduct in the deposition” and “irresponsible behavior.”

Stay tuned to Def Sounds for the verdict of the case as Lil Wayne’s trial plays out in the courtroom this week.