As previously reported by Def Sounds, Lil Wayne filed a lawsuit against Quincy Jones III, alleging that he never gave permission to use his music in The Carter documentary.

With the legal proceeding underway, Lil Wayne appeared in court for a deposition with Jones III’s lawyer, Pete Ross, and TMZ has obtained footage.

While being questioned by Ross, Wayne doesn’t give one straight answer and is pretty much playing with the lawyer the whole deposition, and can’t seem to “recall” anything when asked about past legal problems, but what he does “recall” is hilarious.

Towards the end of the deposition, Lil Wayne seems to threaten lawyer, as he says “You know this guy right here (referring to the judge) can’t save you in the real world,” but claims he isn’t threatening him. Wayne proceeds to tell the lawyer “he cant save you” and then states he was talking to himself.

As TMZ calls it “the most entertaining legal proceeding — possibly ever!”

Watch the footage of Lil Wayne’s hilarious deposition, below.

Update: More footage of Lil Wayne’s deposition added.