Due to the multiple push-backs off his upcoming album, Tha Carter 4, Lil Wayne will provide fans with a new mixtape to hold them over in the mean time, at the time of the announcement of the tape, not much information was revealed other tha the tape would feature Lil B.

Now Lil Wayne talks to MTV and gives some insight on the mixtape:

“The mixtape is called Sorry for the Wait, and it’s because [manager Cortez Bryant] pushed the album back so, sorry for the wait.”

As the Young Money rapper continued he likened the tape to his previous mixtape No Ceilings :

“Yeah, it’s gonna be just like No Ceilings, taking the f— over a n—a’s beat. You know what it is, killin’ n—as sh–,” he said. “Make a n—a pissed, mad as a mother—-er he ain’t call me to get on that mother—-er originally. Like, ‘F—, if I’d have took this n—a call this n—a’s song wouldn’t be hotter than mine!”

Lil Wayne’s Carter 4 is slated for a August 22nd release.