As you may know, Lil Wayne is an avid basketball fan, and you see him court-side at a lot of games across the NBA. Last night, Wayne wanted to attend the Thunder vs Spurs Western Conference Semi-Finals Playoff game in Oklahoma City, but he says that they wouldn’t give him a chance to purchase tickets.

Lil Wayne’s rep gave a statement and he said the rapper was “denied by the team.”  Before the rep spoke out, Lil Wayne took to Twitter and said he was denied, as he tweeted:

“Was going to go to the Thunder game tonight but was denied by the team to be in their arena. Wow. Smh. Go Spurs!”

YM President, Mack Maine spoke to MTV, and explained what went down, as he said a ticket broker explained the situation to him:

“He finally just let me know, they not really tryin’ to sell tickets to him. They said they’ll give him some tickets on the front row behind but they’re not really tryin’ to have him sitting’ courtside.”

Mack added:

“Why would you actually want to cause pandemonium? That’s gonna make it harder for your security. We’re not no prima donnas, but that’s just common sense, for our safety and the safety of your building. We were basically just tryin’ to take our brother to the game.”

A rep for the Oklahoma City Thunder issued a statement to the AP, as he said:

“The Oklahoma City Thunder sold out every home game they have played this season and that front row seats were not available. We’d love to have him at a game, but like anyone else, he needs a ticket.”

After Thunder star Kevin Durant heard what went down, he said Lil Wayne should have hit him up for tickets to the game. KD also said that has two extra tickets that he’s willing to give up to Wayne for Saturday nights Game 4, as he believes the rap star would bring energy to the arena, as he told the USA Today:

“We need people like that around here.”