Earlier in the week, Miami rapper Pitbull took aim at Lil Wayne over the “Harlem Shake” instrumental on a track titled “Welcome 2 Dade County” in response to Weezy’s anti-Miami rant. Now, the Young Money rapper replies to Pitbull.

On the “Welcome 2 Dade County (Lil Wayne Diss)” Pitbull spit:

Mouth signed a check, ass can’t cash
one time LeBron boss, D-Wade flash
I can’t forget that boy UD, Udonis Hss
I’m from Miami Dade Country, born and raised there
Mouth full of golds and diamonds, but talk is cheap
there’s rules and codes, in Dade Country streets
y’all break rules and codes to talk shit on beats
don’t think he won’t get me, he done, Miami will bring the heat

It’s the deposition, watch what you speak
who’s the definition of Miami? Me
I move cultures, don’t believe me, watch and see
ask Barack Obama, he’ll bet the White House on me
you got money, yeah, yeah, that’s sweet
but we all know Slim and Baby, really eat
you talk Miami, if you talkin’ heat
moral of the story: don’t shit where you eat.

I bleed 305 Miami Dade Country
so when we show love to those
that get their city destroyed by a hurricane
and then they come down here (y faltan respeto
..y para de comer tanta pinga (sp?)

Lil Wayne took to Twitter, keeping it real brief, and responded to Pitbull.

View Wayne’s tweet addressing Pitbull, below:


Soon after Wayne tweeted, Pitbull responded back to Wayne via Twitter.

View Pitbull’s tweets to Wayne, below: