As Def Sounds previously reported, Lil Wayne would not appear in the courtroom during his trial over music used in The Carter documentary against Quincy Jones III after suffering multiple seizure-like symptoms the previous week. Due to Lil Wayne not being able to appear in the courtroom and testify on how own behalf, the rappers’ lawyers were forced to use his videotaped deposition where Wayne acted unruly and wouldn’t answer any of Jones’ lawyer’s questions.

It turns out that the use of Lil Wayne’s videotaped deposition was a bad decision on his lawyers behalf as Wayne lost the original suit he filed against Jones III as-well as Jones III’s counter-suit.

As reported by TMZ, the jury found Lil Wayne in the wrong, and ordered him pay Quincy Jones III $2,195,000 as the result of Jones’ counter-suit that alleged that the rapper wrongfully blocked the release of The Carter Documentary, and destroyed any potential profit to be made off the film.

You can view the final verdict on the below screen shot, or you can check out the complete 5 page jury verdict from the case (via TMZ) [here].