Lil Wayne covers the October/November issue of Vibe Magazine. For the cover story, Wayne speaks on competition in the rap game, the repercussions of his Jay-Z diss and if he feels if he’s in compettion with Drake.

Check out a few excerpts from the issue below.

Wayne on Jay-z and The ‘Old Guys:

“There’s no competition [with any artists]. Music isn’t about competition no more. All the gangster rappers are happy, all the skateboard rappers are happy, all the white rappers are happy… Everybody just happy to do music these days. There are no problems. That sh*t died a long time ago with them old-ass rappers. We are just making music, making money and having fun feeding our families. Competition is for the old guys.”

On if he knew the repercussions of going after Jay-z:

“Well, I’m a man. I believe as a man you should know that. Every man should know the repercussions and consequences behind whatever they do before they do it. And of course, I know there won’t be any repercussions behind what I did.”

Wayne on if he looks at Drake as competition:

“I don’t look at it like that. Drake is my artist. If he wasn’t my artist, then yeah maybe. But that’s my artist. He’s not [just] a friend. We’re more than friends. It’s business. It would be impossible for it to be a competition. I mean, I’m the guy’s boss.”