Lil Wayne was hit with gun charges in New York, served timed in NYC’s infamous Rikers Island, and most recently ordered his artist Nicki Minaj not to perform during Hot 97’s Summer Jam after he felt she was disrespected by the stations radio host, Peter Rosenberg has left a bad taste in his mouth for the Big Apple, which led him to reveal his true feelings for the Empire state.

In a recent interview with MTV, Lil Wayne explains his true feelings for New York City:

“Flat out, I don’t like New York.”

Wayne adds:

“The whole Summer Jam/Nicki thing, I can’t really remember the situation, but I know it was my call. As far as last week[‘s show], last week was awesome. I think everything happens for a reason, and I think when people say that, you’re not supposed to leave it at, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ I believe everything happens for a reason and then you make the most of that reason. I think we made the most of it last week.”

Watch Lil Wayne’s interview with MTV, below:

With New York being the birthplace of Hip Hop, and many of the industries biggest names calling it home, do you think they’re going to have any words for Wayne over his statement?