It’s been a hectic week for Drake and Chris Brown after getting involved in a club brawl, which led to innocent club-goers getting injured and caused law-suits to be filed against both sides as well as the club where the melee took place ordered shut by the NYPD.

Now Lil Wayne has had enough and wants Drake to squash the beef with Chris Brown, because he said all that is going on is bad for business.

As reported by TMZ, Drake has received multiple phone calls from Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine and others in the YMCMB camp, pleading with Drake to reach out to Chris Brown and put an end to the bad blood between the two.

Sources close to Lil Wayne have told TMZ, that the YMCMB camp are worried the feud will affect their business, since Brown has been tight with their camp and is a frequent collaborator, and when CB appears on a track it usually equals a hit record.

Even though Wayne and the others have spoke with Drake, the YM sanger doesn’t want to reach out to CB until he knows Brown doesn’t actually blame him for last week’s club brawl, despite the fact that Brown’s lawyer has been saying that Drake was one of the main aggressors.

The source also noted that the YMCMB camp is riding with Drake no matter what, but he also said “making money matters most.”