Lil Wayne called into Miami’s 99 Jamz and addressed his anti-NBA / anti-Miami Heat rant.

Listen to Lil Wayne’s three part interview addressing all issues with the NBA and the Miami Heat, below:

In part one of the interview, Lil Wayne addresses his anti-Miami Heat comments, but he doesn’t apologize for them, because he can say what he wants.

Although he doesn’t apologize for the bulk of his controversial comments, he does apologize to LeBron James as he says that he “didn’t mean it, it just slipped out” when he said “f*ck LeBron,” because he is cool with LeBron, and really cool with his mother.

In part two, Lil Wayne apologizes to the city of Miami “for the misunderstanding of whatever took place.”  Wayne explains that it’s only sports, and has nothing to do with the city of Miami, because it is his home, and they accepted him since day one, since he was a Hot Boy.

As he continued, the YM rapper stated that he spends $1.5 million on tickets for Heat games, and the Heat players never say what’s up to him, but the visiting team keeps it real, and shows him love.

Weezy added that the issue with the Heat stems from some words he had with Dwayne Wade, and Wade told Wayne “We dont f*ck with y’all,” which Wayne took offense too, because he spends so much on tickets and the Heat players don’t mess with him, so from there on Wayne wants nothing to do with the Miami Heat.

In part three, Lil Wayne addresses being banned from NBA events as he explained that Gerald Green wanted to use him as prop in the dunk contest, and it was all set up, but the NBA pulled him. Then for the All Star Game, he was slated to perform with Alicia Keys, but the rapper claims that the NBA pulled him from that as well. Tune added that he then proceeded to attempt to buy tickets on his own to attend the game, but the NBA wouldn’t let him purchase tickets.

Wayne continued, and stated that he spoke to David Stern today, and Stern told him, since he was such a passionate fan of the game that it was best for everyone involved if he didn’t take part in the 2013 NBA All Star Weekend due to the incident in Miami the week prior.

Props RR with the audio.