As it was previously reported, Lil Boosie was scheduled to speak to the public for the first time, since his release from prison, during the #BoosieSpeaks Press Conference.

It went down as planned, and Boosie spoke to the media earlier today in New Orleans with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee moderating the press conference, which was hosted by the rappers’ new label home, Atlantic Records.

During the press conference, Lil Boosie revealed that he signed a new deal with Atlantic Records, wrote 1,118 songs and “Boosie The Movie” while behind bars, he also addressed his recent freedom, touring, social media and much more.

As Lil Boosie announced his new deal with Trill Entertainment via Atlantic Records, he says:

“I got people at Atlantic who gonna ride for me. I got Jeezy over there at Atlantic.”

The Baton Rouge rapper spoke on what to expect from the 1000+ songs he wrote in prison, he said:

“I got more stories to tell and I’m a better artist.”

While speaking on now being a free man, Boosie states:

“It feels like those good dreams I had in jail… I’m still enjoying the moment. Right now, it’s really about soaking in my time with my kids and the studio.”

He touches on social media:

“I already had millions of fans [before being locked up]… But I feel like I got more fans because of social media that my name was always in something.”

Boosie adds:

“So I think a lot of people who didn’t even buy my CDs was like, ‘Let me check out this dude,’ and that’s how I get ‘em… If you listen to my music that’s how I get ya.”

Watch the below footage of the #BoosieSpeaks press conference to hear what else the rapper has to say. Boosie’s Mother, Young Jeezy, Bun B And Webbie also spoke at the conference: