Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie cant seem to keep himself out of trouble behind prison walls, as he has added a new charge to his rap sheet after being formally indicted yesterday for conspiracy to introduce contraband into a federal prison.

Boosie real name Torrence Hatch is currently incarcerated on drug charges and is also awaiting trial for the first-degree murder of Terry Boyd, as Boosie is accused of having paid a 16 year old to kill Boyd in 2009.

Hatch is facing another five years in prison with the new charges that are stemming from a May incident where the Baton Rouge native and two other inmates were busted while trying to smuggle codeine behind bars.

On top of the additional 5 years which may mean nothing since Lil Boosie could face the death penalty, for the previous mentioned conspiracy to commit murder that resulted in the death of a 35-year-old named Terry Boyd.

Boosie has been in prison since he pleaded guilty in 2009 to his third-offense marijuana possession charge.