Earlier this week in a Louisiana Court, prosecutors played a taped statement from 18 year old Michael “Marlo Mike” Louding accusing Lil Boosie of wanting rival rapper Christopher “Nussie” Jackson killed, after Nussie was  disrespectful to one of  Boosie’s associates during an altercation.

Prosecutors claim Boosie payed $15,000 to have the rapper Nussie murdered.

As reported by  The Advocate, Lil Boosie hired Michael Louding and another man named Michael “Ghost” Judson to murder rival rapper Nussie, as well as another man named Terry Boyd.

Louding is facing trial by himself right now for 5 homicides, as the other man Michael Judson has been killed, and Louding is claiming that Lil Boosie paid him to kill 2 of them men he is facing trial for.

Lil Boosie has only been charged with murder in one of the cases, as prosecutors say they have evidence that Boosie paid to have Terry Boyd killed, but he has not been charged with the murder of rapper Nussie as prosecutors say they do not have proof of direct contact with Michael Louding prior to Nussie’s murder.

Although there is no proof of direct contact, Louding claims Boosie paid Judson $15,000, and Judson gave Louding $2,000, for the hit for hire according to the statements.

Prosecutors are still undecided  whether or not to seek the death penalty against Boosie in the murder of Terry Boyd.