If you remember, when Game dropped “Uncle Otis” he went in on Kreayshawn over the use of the N-Word, as he said “Lil white b-tch better stay in ya place…You call me a n–ga, I’ma put the K in ya face… It’s a stick up b-tch.” Now the Oakland femcee fires back at Game.

In the current issue of Complex, Kreayshawn responds, as she says:

“I wanna slap a grown-ass man in the face. I’m going to say, ‘Game’s a weak ass Blood, he ain’t about to do s**t.’ … Am I just supposed to get dissed every day and be a weak ass little white b***h? F— that s**t. I’m tired of people disrespecting me.”

If you missed Game’s “Uncle Otis” you can go back and listen by hitting the link below.

Listen/Download: Game – Uncle Otis