Kendrick Lamar recently spoke to Ben Barna of Bullett Magazine about the origins of his nickname, “K.Dot,” his respect for Jay-Z’s success and more. Below are highlights:

On being comfortable with his newfound fame: “Shit like that trips you out. Even just walking onto your tour bus and seeing a full-blown studio in there, you’re like, Damn, I’m really doing this shit.”

On respecting the success of Jay-Z: “How many tours has he been on? How many verses has he put down? How many interviews? How many radio shows? People forget that. They can’t fathom how a dude from the Marcy Projects is sitting next to Barack Obama, so they make up all types of crazy shit and forget the facts: This nigga dedicated every single day of his life to this, and what he has wasn’t just given to him. It’s no mistake he’s at where he’s at.”

On deciding to use his real name, professionally: “I’ll always be K.Dot out in the hood and to my homies. But using my real name is symbolic of me showing people who I really am.”

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