As it was reported earlier this month, while in Detroit for the good kid, m.A.A.d. city tour, Kendrick Lamar along side the Black Hippy crew hit the studio and caught up with Eminem. At the time, no details of K-Dot’s meeting with Em were revealed, but now, the Compton rapper speaks on chopping it up with Em in the lab.

During a recent interview with MTV News at Delaware’s Firefly Fest, although he said no music was recorded, there’s a possibility that it will happen down the line, Kendrick Lamar gives details of what the meeting with Eminem detailed.

Kendrick explains:

It was unexpected, I just went to Detroit and I had a show out there and I got a call saying, ‘Em [wants you] to come to the studio, come to the studio fast.

He adds:

That was me actually just meeting and greeting,” he continued. “I bumped heads with Eminem [in the past], but it was very brief, that was my first time really chopping it up with him, getting to ask all the questions I wanted to ask him.

As he continued, Kendrick says Em gave him the answers to the questions he always wanted to ask:

He gave me straightforward answers and really just gave me the game on how to stay creative as possible.

Kendrick says Em gave him props on GKMC, and some advice:

He basically told me albums haven’t been done like that in a long time from a new artist, and he can appreciate how I structured the whole thing.

And the advice:

Always stay focused on the craft and not indulge in the other crazy stuff that comes around.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s interview with MTV News below: