This past weekend, Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne shared the stage during Power 106’s Cali Christmas concert as K. Dot brought Wayne out to perform “No Worries.” Now, the Compton rapper touches on what it meant to perform with Wayne, and also revealed that he was influenced by the Young Money rapper’s style at an early age.

During a recent interview with KarenCivil, Kendrick Lamar spoke on performing with Lil Wayne during the Cali Xmas show:

The craziest thing about Wayne, what people don’t understand is that you get a lot of younger cats that’s listening to him now and feel he’s a new artist. I go all the way back to the Hot Boys days and being 13, listening to this dude. Just remembering the staple he put on the game back then all the way to now, you know to have that longevity – years beyond it. For him to actually acknowledge what I’m doing right now and seeing it as a path, the same way the longevity he created. It’s a great feeling to share that same stage and a moment with him. Wayne ain’t no new jack to this game.

As the Compton rapper continued, he says he was influenced by a certain sound of Wayne’s at a young age:

He influenced a lot of styles and a lot of sounds. I would say I was influenced by a certain sound and flow and cadence that he brung to the game, which was unique and me being a young boy in the game listening to him.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s interview with KC, below: