Kendrick Lamar recently sat down with GQ Magazine and chopped it for a Q&A session. During his interview, K.Dot touched on multiple topics, but what really stood was when the Compton rapper touches on holding his own with Hip Hop’s elite.

During his interview with GQ, Kendrick Lamar is asked ‘Who are the artists that you’d love to go toe-to-toe with, lyrically?’

Kendrick replied:

Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Rakim, Kurupt

As the interview continued, the TDE rapper is then asked ‘Right now, where do you think you stack up in that group (of artists he’s love to go to toe to toe with?)’

The Interscope rapper then replied:

I’m on their toes, for sure.

K.Dot adds:

I remember when I was a young buck listening to them, I was thirteen or fourteen going back to the albums and how crazy they were. They just have a little more experience than me. I wouldn’t get in the studio with them and be nervous, I’ll put it to you that way. I wouldn’t be nervous.

Head over to GQ for Kendrick Lamar’s complete interview [here].