Kendrick Lamar recently chopped it up with T.J. Holmes on BET Don’t Sleep and touches on a variety of topics that include, word of mouth helping good kid, m.A.A.d. city go gold, how his mind-state changes when he gets on stage, his fears of going from an Indie label to a major and much more.

During his interview on BET Don’t Sleep, Kendrick Lamar spoke on being another person when he steps on stage.

He explains:

It’s a whole nother person come out of me when I hop up on stage. I really think I was born and blessed to do this for a reason.

The Compton rapper credits word of mouth for GKMC going gold, as he explains:

[I’d like to credit] at least 80% of [my sales] to [word of mouth]. Just off the simple fact – I’m not even counting my debut album as this plateau for the world to hear. It’s been this situation since the Kendrick Lamar EP. O.D., Section.80, that was the ground work to lead up to this album, so that’s the 80% that the world probably don’t see.

K.Dot addresses his fears of being independent to working with the biggest names in the game:

What I was scared of was the fact that so many people have their hands on my music – as far as doing a venture with Interscope, Top Dawg doing something with Interscope, I was scared of that, because I like to keep everything boxed in when I’m in the studio, [because] my art is everything to me.

He adds:

I didn’t want the business to interfere with that. There were some points that happened, but I had to stay focused on the music, but that could have been a very disappointing situation towards the music if I woulda got caught up.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s BET Don’t Sleep interview, as he also speaks on being crowned the new face of the West Coast, and much more below: