With rumors of of 4th of July digital-only release of Kanye West and Jay-Z’s highly anticipated collaborative effort Watch The Throne, some more fuel has been added to the fire, and it seems as if a July 4th release may really be possible as a tentative tracklisting and artwork for the project has come to light.

Update: Sources close to Kanye West and Jay-Z have revealed to VH1 that Watch The Throne will not release on July 4th as they confirmed that the rumored July 4th release date is “not happening.”

View the tentative tracklisting below.

  1. Lift Off
  2. Ni**as In Paris
  3. PrimeTime
  4. New Day
  5. Living So Italian
  6. Otis Redding
  7. No Church In a While
  8. I Can’t Stop / Spazz / Murder To Excellence (3 songs on 1 track)
  9. Sweet Baby Jesus
  10. Love You So
  11. H.A.M.

Previously an unfinished tracklist was released, but never confirmed by Kanye nor Jay-Z, and a few of the tracks do match up, you can view the partial tracklist here.

Shout out to to Whoo Kid for the heads up.