Last week, reports came in that Kanye West revealed that he signed a new deal for his “YEEZI” clothing line. At the time of the announcement, Ye said he couldn’t make known who the deal was with, but rumors hit the web that the partnership was with Adidas’ high-end line Y-3.

Following the speculation of the deal with Adidas’ Y-3, during his NYC radio run, while in town for the Yeezus Tour, Kanye confirmed that his new clothing line would indeed be releasing through Adidas. Now, reports come in that the Chicago rapper’s new deal is worth $10 million.

As reported by the NY Post’s Page Six, “Kanye West had a monumental falling-out with Nike over their marketing of his sneakers, and is about to get his revenge by signing a $10 million deal with rival Adidas.”

With reports coming in that Kanye West’s deal with Adidas is worth $10 million, it was also revealed that Ye was only making 10-20 cents on the dollar per sale of his Yeezy 1 and Yeezy 2 sneakers that were released through Nike. It was also noted that he wasn’t receiving royalties on the sales of the kicks either, which he will now be on top of the $10 million with Adidas.

You can check out a quote/video breakdown of Ye explaining his fallout with Nike below.

During a recent show at MSG in NYC, Nike was the subject of one of Ye’s famous rants as he said:

“They try to act like people ain’t line up for the Yeezys. [Nike CEO] Mark Parker tried to son me. Yes. Son me because I am the sun and I will shine bright. And when I don’t have as much money as a billionaire and when I don’t have the factories that, that dude has over there, what I do have is my voice. Ain’t no corporation that can take me away from my voice and I’m going to scream at the top of my motherfucking mountain as loud as I want. Anything I want. Whenever I want. Is that crazy? So I’m going to make the announcement on Monday with the corporation that finally let me get an opportunity to create.”

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Also, during another rant at the Barclays Center in BK, Yeezus had some more words for Nike:

“And with Nike, last conversation I had with them I said, ‘When are the Red Octobers coming out,’ and they said, ‘We’re not sure.’ Then I talked to my man down in Miami that runs the store and they said Nike was pressuring them saying if you want the Red Octobers you have to take all these trash-ass shoes. Nike was pressuring them trying to leverage off some shit that I made.”

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As the break down of Kanye’s fallout with Nike moves forward, during a recent interview with DC’s 93.9’s Russ Parr Morning Show, Kanye revealed that he hasn’t received any royalties from Nike for his Air Yeezy sneakers as he shared the revelation while he spoke on daughter North West and making decisions based on the effect that they may have on his family. Ye stated:

“Man, just not making decisions for myself and making sure I made decisions for my family. Like if it’s for myself, I would have been cool just sitting in Nike not getting no royalties. Letting people line up for the Yeezys and not—you know. When I’m having negotiations and then I go and look in my daughter’s eyes and when I go and negotiate after that I’m like ‘Oh y’all ain’t finna talk to me like that. We finna get this money right.”

As noted above, Kanye confirmed his deal with Adidas during a recent radio interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, Ye stated:

Now, this is one thing when the conversation changes, when you have a child. Because it was cool when they marginalized me, and I asked them when the Yeezy Red Octobers coming out… They [Nike] said, “We’re not sure yet.” They let me design two shoes over five years, and I’m happy I could design them, but they ain’t do me no favors, because Eminem designed a shoe, and Pharrell designed a shoe. I just designed the Yeezys… Ye adds: “I took the Adidas deal because I have royalties and I have to provide for my family. I said, “I need some type of royalty.” Nike said, “We can’t give you a royalty because you’re not a professional athlete.” I told ’em, I go to The Garden and play one-on-no one. I’m a performance athlete.” He continued: So the old me, without a daughter, might’ve taken the Nike deal [without royalties] because I just love Nike so much, but the new me with a daughter takes the Adidas deal, because I have royalties, and I have to provide for my family. Ye adds: I’m gonna be the 2pac of product… I’m gonna be the first hip-hop designer and because of that, I’m gonna be bigger than Wal-Mart.”

Watch Kanye’s interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 to hear what else Ye has to say below:

After he chopped it up with Angie on Hot 97, Ye stopped by the Sway In The Morning show on Shade45. During the interview, Kanye addressed his issues with Nike, and things got heated as Ye began yelling in Sway’s face due to the fact that Sway asked him why does he need backing from Nike or Adidas in favor of empowering himself, and doing it on his own.

Kanye snapped on Nike’s CEO Mark Parker as he touched on the hold-up of the Red October’s:

Legally, we both got to sign that contract, Mark Parker. I’m going to put Mark Parker on the Summer Jam screen… I’m standing up and I’m telling you, I am Warhol, I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. I am Shakespeare in the flesh. Walt Disney, Nike, Google—now who’s gon’ be the Medici family and stand up and let me create more? Or do you want to marginalize me till I’m out of my moment?”

Which led to Ye blowing up on Sway:

“How Sway? You ain’t got the answers, man. You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t got the answers. You ain’t got the answers, Sway. I’ve been doing this more than you.” Following Ye snapping on Sway, he revealed that he lost major cash trying to do it on his own in the past: “I just told you I lost the money because I did not have the knowledge [to] do it the right way…I’m not trying to embarrass y’all… What I’m trying to say to y’all is this industry of what I’m trying to get into, ain’t nobody ever broke down. Ain’t nobody broke down. We all slaves. So, I ain’t trying to disrespect you on your show. We all slaves to something.”

If you haven’t seen the interview, head to the 14-15 min mark as Ye addresses his issues with Nike, and I’d suggest following through to the 17 min+ mark as Kanye blows up on Sway, below:

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