Kanye West has a run in with a sign and then the paparazzi.

While out in Beverly Hills with Kim Kardashian, Kanye West was trying to avoid having his picture taken and ended up banging his head into a sign.

After he wacked his melon, he kept calm and kept it moving. But later, Yeezy reemerged and spazzed out on the paparazzi who was trying to get a flick of him and the misses.

Watch the footage of Ye’s run in with a street sign, followed by him snapping on the photographer below.

Ye vs. Street Sign

Ye vs. Paparazzi

Update: With it being a slow Sunday, I figured I’d give y’all an update with the results of Kanye’s run in with the street sign.

Kanye West hit the streets of L.A. today rocking a hoodie to cover his head; when he took his hood off the paparazzi got close enough to take a picture and get the results of Ye’s altercation with a street sign on Friday.

Check out the pics of Kanye rockin’ a bump on his head below.