Kanye West is at it again. The rapper/producer attacked yet another member of the media at an airport recently, and the entire incident was caught on tape.

West was on his way out of the airport at LAX when paparazzi swarmed him. One photographer insisted on asking questions, despite Kanye’s continuous attempts to get the man to stop. Once he realized the photographer wasn’t going to stop, ‘Ye snapped.

As seen in the video linked above, West attacked the guy and attempted to wrestle his camera out of his hands. As a result, the man fell down. Kanye immediately jumped into a waiting car, but the situation was far from over.

Paramedics and police rushed to the scene, where the reporter remained on the ground. While the extent of the man’s injuries are unclear, he was interviewed by the proper authorities, who came to the conclusion that he did indeed suffer injuries as a direct result of the attack.

As is the case in these situations, the routine is to go after the suspect for the most serious charge. As a result, Kanye is facing felony attempted robbery charges (for attempting to wrestle the camera out of the photog’s hands) as opposed to a simple battery case.

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