With the Yeezus Tour back in full effect, so are the rants as Kanye West delivered a 20-minute + “stream of consciousness” last night during the Newark, NJ stop of the tour.

Much has been made of Kanye West’s infamous “rants” at his concerts but, as is often the case, his actions and words make much more sense in full context. Kanye played the Prudential Center in Newark on 2/15 and he had a lot to say. Yeezy spoke for 20 minutes on everything from why he left Nike for Adidas, having Drake’s back when it comes to misrepresentation by the media, the media’s negative portrayal of Hip-Hop and its artists, the Grammy’s and more. It was certainly stream of consciousness…but it was far from a “rant.” Check out the video…all of it. – AFORHTV

As Kanye let a few things off his chest, he explained why he calls himself a genius, the media’s portrayal of Hip Hop, Drake’s recent Rolling Stone controversy, says he has nothing but love for Drake, and there’s no beef, the Yeezy 2’s selling out in 11-mins, why he left Nike for Adidas and much more.

While he explained why he calls himself a genius, Kanye stated that he owns the title of genius in an effort to acknowledge history, and he goes on to compare himself to the “Gemini genius” of Lauryn Hill, Miles Davis and Prince. (SN: I had it quoted, but it didn’t save, and I lost it, I’ll try and update the post tomorrow when I have time).

Kanye on Drake:

“You keep on talkin’ ‘bout Drake and shit, and I’m gonna tell you what it is with magazines…They always try to pin niggas against each other, and that ain’t goin’ down no more. So tonight, it ain’t none of that. We love Drake. We love every motherf*cker that put they heart into this motherf*king music.”

Yeezus spoke on the Yeezy 2’s:

“The idea that those Yeezys sold out in 11 minutes, yeah that’s good for my ego, that’s good for my ego…But the problem is, if there’s 20,000 of y’all, then you know what? That’s not good for my people. And the reason why i made the decision between Adidas and Nike, is because Adidas said I could make more product for more people.”

Watch the footage of Kanye’s latest rant “stream of consciousness” below:

If you don’t have 20 minutes, watch a condensed version, below: