Late last year, Kanye West vowed to keep it positive, and stay silent for at least 6-months, but he couldn’t help himself and ranted during a recent show.

At the time it was reported, Kanye stated:

“Everything I’m saying that’s not allowed, soak it in right now, this might be the last time y’all hear me talk shit for a long time. It might be another… six months, at least. You’re just gonna have to run back my past interviews… if you wanna hear some realness.”

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Last night, Kanye West kicked off the second leg of his Yeezus Tour in University Park, PA at the Bryce Jordan Center, and he broke his promise to keep it quiet as he called out Sway and Charlamagne The God.

During the show, Ye gave another one of his famous rants and had some words for radio hosts Sway, Charlamagne The God, Jimmy Kimmel, without naming him, and others who released spoof videos of Yeezy, and more.

The call outs come in response to Kanye’s now infamous “You Don’t Got The Answers Sway” interviewCharlamagne blasting the Chi rapper during his appearance on The Breakfast Club morning show, Jimmy Kimmel’s spoof video, and more.

Kanye stopped the show for a brief rant as he shouted:

F*ck that shit, stop that shit, this is what the f*ck I’m talking bout… 10 years of this shit!

Ye continued:

If I go to a radio interview, shut the f*ck up! If you’re on your talk show at night time, and you show a picture of me walking with my girlfriend and shit, shut the f*ck up.

He adds:

10 years. In the studio, every night to 5AM. We writing that shit. Working hard on that shit. This aint no joke… We thinking about Shakespeare, we thinking about Beethoven. What can we make for y’all… on your way to school, on you way to work, what can we make to make you feel better?

Ye addressed spoof videos:

N*ggas be writing all this shit. 2013, spoofing and all this shit. Trying to make a joke of out what we do. Shut the f*ck up! What the f*ck do you do?!

Ye then lowered his voice for a moment and stated:

They’re gonna say I’m screaming, so I’m gonna say it in a very nice, calm way, so you know that I’m not upset. What the f*ck did you do? Everybody who be writing that shit, to diss me and talk shit, what the f*ck did you do?

Kanye went on to name Sway and Charlamagne:

What have you do with the past 10-years of your life, Charlamagne, Sway? What the f*ck you did?

He exclaimed:

Fuck these n*ggas names is, I am Yeezus!

Watch the clip of Kanye’s rant during the University Park, PA stop as part of the second half of his Yeezus Tour below: