Last weekend, Kanye West had the internet and people in the streets around the globe in a frenzy as he debuted a video on 66 buildings across the world. Now, this weekend, Ye plans do to it again as he has announced that 12 new cities across the US will get treated with projection screenings.

Kanye took to Twitter a short while ago and made the announcement of the new projections.

The 12-cities that Kanye will project videos include San Diego, Tucson, Phoenix, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Miami, Savannah, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

At this time, it is unclear if Kanye will project the video for “New Slaves” again this weekend or if he has plans to debut another clip. You never know with Yeezy, so if you’re in one of the locations, head over and check it out for yourself, and send me over the footage to get posted up on DS.

Check out the map of the locations below, and you can head over to [here] to pinpoint the time and exact location of the screenings.

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