As it has been highly publicized over the years, Juvenile left Cash Money in the mid 2000’s due to issues about not being compensated properly. Now, Juve explains why he left the label and also comes out and says Lil Wayne had the same issues with the imprint, and he also wanted to leave with him, but was scared to break away from Baby and Slim.

In a recent interview with Complex, Juvenile spoke on leaving Cash Money, and Lil Wayne wanting to leave.

Juvenile addresses leaving Cash Money:

My reason [to leave Cash Money] is the same reason most artists leave their label—money. The music business is like the sports business. We use entertainment agents, entertainment lawyers. The only difference is they play sports. We all try to operate a certain way. When you put in that much work, you should be compensated for it. I’m number one on this station, number one on that station so I checked the contracts and went back over the paperwork. I was naïve in the beginning, I didn’t want anybody telling me anything because, hey, you didn’t help me get this situation and you’re on the outside. I should’ve listened because they had me in a contract that I’d still be in. There was no future for me in the contract.

As the interview continued, Juve revealed that Lil Wayne wanted to leave Cash Money with him:

When Wayne was trying to leave Cash Money [in the mid 2000s], same thing. He was trying to find out how did I leave, what did I do, he wanted to see my paperwork. I was like you can see it, but you’re gonna have to pay me for it now because now I know you ain’t with me. You’re own your own because I’m definitely on my own. If you want the paperwork and help from my end, I need to be compensated for it. [He never paid for it].

The former Cash Money rapper adds that he believes that Lil Wayne got cheated out of his money, and that he still isn’t getting what he deserves:

Still up to the day, Wayne really got beat out of all his money and took another contract. That’s the part I never understood. I was signed to Atlantic and Jay-Z was excited about that because now we was about to get our own money. That’s what I really wanted. I wanted him to leave. All of a sudden he signed back I’m like, ‘Damn, what type of deal he got working?’

He adds:

If you notice the Young Money/Cash Money imprint, some of the stuff that need to say Young Money don’t say Young Money. I know Baby and I know Ronald [“Slim” Williams]. They ain’t giving up power of their company. They don’t care how big Wayne gets, they not giving up. If I didn’t get it, he ain’t getting it.

Juve believes Lil Wayne didn’t leave Cash Money, because he was scared:

I thought he was scared [that’s why he stayed]. That’s how I took it. I was like, ‘You don’t have to be scared.’ I’m really from the projects. No disrespect to them, but I’m 10 times more street than they are. They would never go to some of the places I’d go, they’d never turn some of the corners I turned because they’re not like that. It’s two different ballgames. So I’m like, ‘Don’t let them niggas intimidate you. Don’t let that looking hard shit intimidate you because nigga I’m really with it. If you wanna leave, leave. You’re with me now, not them.’ One thing led to another and he signed back, but I took it as he was scared.

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