As Def Sounds previously reported, during his performance on SNL over the weekend, Justin Timberlake changed one of his lines in his single “Suit & Tie” and took a shot at Kanye West in retaliation to Ye’s rant about the single that features Jay-Z. The new line directed at Ye was “My hit’s so sick, got rappers acting dramatic.” Now, Justin Timberlake addresses his shot at Kanye.

Last night, Justin Timberlake made an appearance on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon” and addressed his shot at Kanye during his SNL performance.

Jimmy Fallon asked Justin Timberlake if he changed his lyrics to take a shot at Kanye, and JT replied:

Did it seem that way?

Timberlake continued:

I don’t remember that. Did I change a line? It is live. You know, really, everyone, keep calm.

He added:

Let me just, for the record, I absolutely love Kanye. So there’s that. We love Kanye, right?

Watch Justin Timberlake’s interview with Jimmy Fallon below: