Juelz Sanatana recently sat down with RealHipHopDaily and the Harlem rapper spoke on his new mixtape The Reagan Era and it just about finished and will be coming soon, and he talks about his long waited album “Born to Lose, Built to Win” which should be released this December.

As Juelz addressed his Reagan Era mixtape he says:

“It’s been about four years since my last album, so I really want to just roll this out the right way. I got my mixtape coming, Reagan Era, long-awaited, better late than never, well worth it. I apologize, but when you get it, you’re definitely going to be satisfied. No specific date, but I want to make it something, so I’ma definitely pick a holiday or something, drop it on a special day. So probably whatever the next good, decent holiday is to gear up. But you’re definitely going to know, there’s going to be a whole bunch of commercials and shit leading up to that.”

He added that he will shoot a video for every song on the mixtape:

“I’m going to shoot a video for every song on the mixtape. My mixtape is going to pretty much like an album. A lot of songs, a lot of unreleased music. I’ma put a lot of freestyles out and I’m going to get back to the radio.”

As Juelz spoke on his new album, he says:

“I’m going to give the people a lot of music until my album which is titled Born to Lose, Built to Win which should be out by the end of December, end of this year. I’m big doggin’ it this year, I’m dropping it 4th quarter.”

Watch Juelz Santana’s full interview with RHHD below: