This year hasn’t been the nicest to rappers so far in terms of dealing with the law. Just ask[twitter=thejuelzsantana] Juelz Santana[/twitter].

He was released yesterday evening after he posted his 125k cash bail. Juelz is facing a slew of charges including possession of a firearm, possession of a handgun without a permit, possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance within 1,000 feet of a school. His arrest stems from when his studio was raided last week.

Juelz spoke on the arrest this morning, via twitter.

“Out on bail $125k.. NO 10% Thanks for all the love and support!” Juelz tweeted. “PS. Sellin dime bags!? LMFAO! They said they found Gunzz an drugs!!! I Side [said] my nick name is saggy!! [Shaggy] ‘it wasn’t me’ lol 4real tho”.

In Other Incarcerated News

Legendary rapper and Geto Boyz member Scarface has been in jail since October of 2010 for failure to pay child support. Sources have revealed Face has several outstanding child support cases.

“He’s gotten transferred to a few jails last year and some of the cases are in different states,” the source explained. “This whole situation could’ve been avoided.”

Scarface is currently being held in Montgomery County Jail in Conroe, Texas.