Back in 2006, Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne announced that they would release a collaborative album entitled, I Cant Feel My Face, but the album never came to fruition. Now, Juelz announces that he and Wayne still plan to work together, but in a different form as the New York rapper reveals that Lil Wayne will executive produce his forthcoming album, Born to Lose, Built to Win.

During a recent interview with on Sway on MTV RapFix Live, Juelz Santana reveals Lil Wayne will overlook his upcoming, third solo album.

Juelz states:

I went out to Miami to chop it up with Wayne. I asked him to executive produce my album, Born to Lose.

As Juelz continues, he says he could have signed with YMCMB, but thought the best thing to do was have Lil Wayne exec produce his new album:

A lot of people have been reaching out to me to sign. They didn’t know if my situation was right at Def Jam. I’m sure if I woulda went to Cash Money, I coulda went to Cash Money/ Young [Money], but that’s not how I felt, you know people look at me like a boss.

He adds:

The best thing to do is to reach out to him and figure out how we can still make it the best thing possible, and I figured ask him to executive produce my album would be a great thing. He agreed to it, so that’s gonna be coming up next, that’s after God Will’n.

Watch Juelz Santana’s interview with Sway on MTV RapFix Live, below:

Bonus: Juelz freestyles on RapFix: