Up and coming Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$ revealed that Jay-Z wanted to sign him to Roc Nation  on a verse he rapped on A$AP Rocky’s “1 Train.”  Joey spit “Just got back to the block from a 6 o’clock with Jigga And I’m thinkin’ ’bout signin’ to the Roc.” Now, the teenage emcee speaks on passing up on the deal, and explains why he’d rather stay independent. Bada$$ also addresses the importance of bringing NY Hip Hop back.

During a recent interview with Fuse, Joey Bada$$ addressed why he wants to stay independent rather signing to a major.

When asked about his line spit on “1 Train,” Bada$$ explains:

For right now, I feel like independence is the best thing for me. In what I want to do, it’s definitely the best thing for me right now.

Joey adds that his team plays a big part in staying indie:

I definitely got to thank the team I have for that. I couldn’t do it if I didn’t have such a strong team. Everybody around me, even the Cinematic camp, from Smoke DZA to Big K.R.I.T.. From going on tour and just watching them perform, it was like a performance camp. I would just look at them like – observe how they used to take on crowd control and things like that and just do it my own way.

Also during the interview, Bada$$ addressed bringing New York Hip Hop back:

It’s so important [to bring New York Hip Hop back], because [over] the past couple of years, New York has been faulting. A lot of things [are] taking over the New York airways – like southern sh*t. Nobody got that true NY pridde anymore.

Watch Joey Bada$$’ interview with Fuse, where he also speaks on influences, going to school for acting, his ideal role if he was cast for a movie, and more , below: