Following the announcement of Slaughterhouse’s battle rap reality series, Total Slaughter, one of the members of Slaughter, Joe Budden may find himself in the battle arena against well-known battle rapper Hollow Da Don.

Last night, Joe Budden addressed a possible battle against Hollow Da Don as he took to his Instagram page and hinted at the potential face off.

Budden posted a photo of himself face to face with Hollow Da Don with the caption – “N*ggas always think they want a problem til they get it.”

View the post from Joey’s IG page (@JoeBudden) below:
BuddenIGHollow Da Don also posted the same pic to his IG page (@donlennonlom) with the caption – “Who want to see me vs Joe Budden.”

Following the IG post, battle rapper JC (@ThekidJ_c) took to Twitter, and told Budden to “lock” the battle with Hollow in, to which Joey replied – “we gon do it.. Once the business gets right”

View the Twitter convo below:

Stay tuned to DS and we will keep you updated when or if we get confirmation of a rap battle between Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don.