Joe Budden expanded his fan-base to a new level since the start of his famous Mood Muzik series. Now the Jersey rapper speaks on how the series came to be.

In a recent interview with Drank And Dank, Budden touches on Mood Muzik:

“With Mood Muzik it stemmed from such an unhappy place. It’s really as simple as I was shelved on my major label at the time and didn’t have an outlet. And everybody was force feeding me now these records that contained [emotion] no one gave a fuck about and I just begged to differ. At the time mixtapes were really big and everyone was doing ‘Best Of’ and I just thought I would do a ‘Worst Of.’ And it was kind of to mock the people that thought these were the songs that had no place in Hip Hop. And I was so fucked up at the time. Mood Muzik 1 was like just a bunch of old songs. But then Mood Muzik 2 I guess really caught people’s attention. And it just kind of became a cult classic.”

As Budden continues, he explains changing as an artist:

“I would just say I’ve become a lot more comfortable in my own skin. Anytime [an] aspiring artists asks me what’s the best advice I can give them. I just tell ‘em be yourselves. Coming in so young and not very knowledgeable, very vulnerable, and just listening to so many different things you never quite know when to put your foot down. And your lawyer will say something different from your A&R who’ll say something different from your manager who’ll say something different from the president. It’s just so much and it’s very easy to get caught up. So I just go with my gut.”

Watch Joe Budden’s interview with Drank And Dank below: