Before he hit the stage tonight for his show at BB Kings, Joe Budden stopped by Hot 97 and chopped it up with Angie Martinez.

During his Q&A session, Joey revealed that his forthcoming solo album, No Love Lost is complete, spoke on being a radio friendly rapper, Chris Brown and Rihanna, gives Trinidad James props, and much more.

Joe Budden reveals No Love Lost is complete:

The album’s done, in stores January 22nd.

The Slaughterhouse rapper spoke on Trinidad James, and working with him in the future:

We talked about some plans to do some things in the future

Budden continues:

‘Gold all on my watch.’ Well, Trinidad James is performing at Santos tomorrow; I’m performing at BB Kings tonight… I thought he might have been in town. I was gonna try to bring my man Trinidad out. That would have been pandemonium in there.

He adds:

Has there been any rap act that has taken the industry by storm this way? Like seriously, I tried to fight it. He’s serious, he spits that rhyme with so much conviction. You know what got me? The whole song [“All Gold Everything”] is like one verse, it’s like a 24. It’s not split up, hooks everywhere, it’s ill. He structured that ill, I gotta tip my hat to him.

Listen to Joe Budden’s interview with Angie Martinez, as he speaks on his album, Trinidad James and everything else in between in this 4 part Q&A session, below:

On Trinidad James:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 (At the 1:05 mark he reveals the album is complete.)