Joe Budden stopped by Power 106 in LA and chopped it up with the LA Leakers, and revealed some details about his forthcoming solo album, No Love Lost.

In Joe Budden’s recent stop to L.A. right before his concert at the El Rey theater he sits down with Justin Credible to talk about his thoughts on Chris Brown deleting his twitter, reveals his new song “N.B.A.” featuring Wiz Khalifa and French Montana from his upcoming album titled No Love Lost dropping January 22nd. – LA Leakers

During the interview with the LA Leakers, Joe Budden revealed some of the producers from the No Love Lost album, the second single “N.B.A.” that feature Wiz Khalifa and French Montana, and more.

Joey revealed some of the albums producers:

Cardiak is on there, Araab [Muzik] is on there, my guy Dark Knight, you know, the majority of the people who did the mixtape are on there.

Budden announced the next single:

I got a joint coming real soon called N.B.A. featuring Wiz Khalifa and French Montana. That’s amazing. It’s crazier than dope, honestly.

As he continues, he explained what the title of the track means:

It’s an acronym for Never Broke Again. I can’t wait for the people to hear it.

Joe Budden’s No Love Lost is slated for a January 22nd release.

Watch Joe Budden’s interview with the LA Leakers as he touches on other topics during the interview as well, below:

As noted above, Joe Budden stopped by the LA Leakers show right before his concert at the El Rey theater, and we have some footage of Joey bringing Ab-Soul out during the show to perform their collaboration,”Cut From A Different Cloth,” from the A Loose Quarter mixtape, which you can watch below.