The internet has been making some noise since a video surfaced of Mr Peter Parker interviewing Royce Da 5’9” as it was mentioned that there is a  possibility of Joe Budden signing a solo deal to Eminem’s label.

Joe Budden issued a statement putting an end to all rumors of the possible deal, as he went on to say:

“I heard the rumors, people tweeted me all day long. Not to my knowledge, I’m not being signed as a solo artist. Slaughterhouse is over there we’re extremely happy over there and we’re going to do amazing things over there. And that’s what the focus is right now. As for Joe Budden personally, I got another trick up my sleeve that you’re going to hear about real soon.”

As Budden continued and said jokingly:

“Done wonders for my personal life. I’m sure it’ll do something for my career in the near future. I think the women like me now because of Eminem.”