Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond has been hit with more charges against him which could result in the death penalty, as the CEO of Czar Entertainment has been charged with ordering the hit of a 50 Cent associate Lodi Mack aka Lowell Fletcher, the man who was accused of assaulting Rosemond’s son in 2007.

Assistant US Attorney Todd Kaminsky told Brooklyn federal Judge John Gleeson:

“Federal prosecutors are in the process of putting together charges against Mr. Rosemond for a death penalty-eligible offense.”

Prosecutors will build their case on the testimony of two men, Rodney Johnson and Brian McLeod, that have already been convicted of murdering Fletcher. The men now say that they were working for Jimmy Henchman.

The hit was allegedly called after Lowell Fletcher slapped Rosemond’s son as he was walking to the Czar Entertainment offices, which were on the same street as 50 Cent’s management company, Violator Management.

At the time of the assault, 50 Cent, and G-Unit where involved in a beef with Game, who was managed by Rosemond. When Henchman’s son was spotted by Tony Yayo and Fletcher they surrounded him and struck him in the face.

Both Yayo and Fletcher were charged with assault, and Fletcher was hit with a two-year sentence that ended in 2009.

When Fletcher was released after serving the 2 year bid, Johnson and McLeod found him just about two weeks after he was free and killed him due to orders given by Rosemond.

Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond is currently incarcerated and awaiting sentencing for running a drug trafficking ring that delivered cocaine to the East Coast and cash to the West Coast.

As a result of the new charges, Rosemond could face the death penalty if he is found guilty of ordering the hit on Lowell Fletcher.