Fuse writer Amit Whele posted a new blog where he shared a story about how Jay-Z recently visited his old stomping grounds at 560 State Street in Brooklyn, New York.

Whele explained that Hov asked to use his menorah to commemorate the opening backstage at Jigga’s eight-night performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. This series of events led to Jay-Z meeting a fan who currently resides in the apartment where Jay once stashed his drugs as a youngster. Whele wrote:

“[Jay-Z] went on to say that 560 State was where he first started gaining real momentum in Hip Hop. It’s where he realized that he needed to cut out all the other shit in his life and focus on his passion. Once he applied himself, and dedicated all his energy into the music, things started moving quickly. He remembered that in those early days, rap was a real family affair. He employed his friends to fill all the needed spots in his developing empire: If you were talented at drawing, then you were in charge of artwork. Good with logistics? Now you’re booking shows.”

Check out the full blog online at Fuse.tv.