As a result of the ongoing negative press surrounding Barneys racial profiling allegations following the release of Jay-Z’s “BNY SCC: A New York Holiday Collection” through the high-end retailer, the Hip Hop mogul has meet with the Manhattan store to begin forming a council to address the issue of racial profiling, and he has also given his input on setting new guidelines for the way Barneys interacts with the NYPD.

Def Sounds previously reported that Jay-Z put conditions in place in order for him stand by Barneys and release their collaborative holiday collection in wake of racial profiling allegations. One of the conditions set by Hov was that he be given a leadership role and seat on a council specifically formed to deal with the issue of racial profiling.

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As reported by WWD, following through on his word, Jay-Z met with Barneys and has given input on the advisory council that will be formed surrounding the issue of racial profiling.

A source inside Barneys gave a statement on Jay-Z being involved in forming the racial profiling advisory council:

“There’s cooperation there. The council is a work in progress. It’s an internal advisory council that Jay Z is going to be a part of.”

It was also revealed that Hov is involved in creating new guidelines for the way the retailer interacts with the NYPD.

WWD has obtained an internal memo that was sent out by Barneys. As a result of the publication getting their hands on the memo, the new guidelines for the NYPD have been made public.

The new guidelines for the NYPD that are in place, which Jay-Z is involved in creating, include that Barneys will now use audio and video surveillance equipment to monitor its security room, keep a record log of officers who use the closed-circuit TVs in its security room, require officers to provide reason and description of individuals they wish to place under surveillance, and that the NYPD may have access to the security area only for continuing surveillance that began outside the store or in connection with a true emergency.

Addressing the new guidelines for NYPD, the Barneys memo was quoted:

“We recognize the need to cooperate with the NYPD as they address criminal activity in our city and within our locations. However, those needs must be balanced with ensuring that the rights of individuals are respected at all times.”

Jay-Z has yet to speak publicly on following through with his word to join forces with Barneys to form an advisory council to deal with racial profiling or playing in a part in setting guidelines for the way Barneys interacts with the NYPD.