Even though Ja Rule is incarcerated, he still plans on releasing his highly anticipated album “Pain Is Love 2″ later this month.

Among those heavily involved in the album is 7 Aurelius. He is the man behind the production, and he explained that at times during the project it was emotional. Additionally, he described it as supernatural due to the fact that Ja Rule would soon be heading to prison, and he had been out of the spotlight for so long.

“The sessions were a lot of soul searching between artists and there was definitely a sense of redemption in the air,” 7 Aurelius explained. “From Rule’s perspective, the world forgot about him and who he is as an artist. And from my perspective, the industry forgot about me. And in those truths, we found a synergy that felt supernatural at times, real sense of purpose like ‘yo let’s get em’. Anyone that heard the records and were a part of those sessions felt the intense creative energy in the room and knew we were on a mission.”

7 Aurelius also talked about how he normally doesn’t get much attention as a producer even though he has produced hit songs for Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule, Ashanti and many other artists.

“I do feel that I never really got on the map the way I was supposed to considering the success I have had. But my time will come,” said 7 Aurelius. “A lot of people don’t realize that I have 11 #1 records in three formats under my belt. That whole Murder Inc. barrage of hits. The three years when you couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing Ja Rule or J-Lo or Ashanti. All those hits were mine.”