As Def Sounds previously reported, [twitter=ruleyork]Ja Rule[/twitter] was sentenced to two years in prison for a 2007 gun charge. His lawyer, Stacey Richmond, says the rapper will not commence his sentence anytime in the near future.

Ja Rule is slated to appear in front of a judge on Feb. 9, 2011 for sentencing stemming from yesterday’s plea bargain.

When speaking with XXL Mag, Ms. Richmond stated:

It’s part of our discussions with the district attorney’s office. You have to think whenever you’re taking care of a person of this caliber with these type of commitments you have to anticipate their business commitments also. Adding: We have fought long and hard on the situation and they have agreed in regard to these commitments. I mean he has a film to do. There are certain concerts to do.

The filming is set for  March 2011; currently, it remains  uncertain when Rule will begin his sentence.