As Def Sounds previously reported, on February 21st Ja Rule was released from a New York state prison after serving most of a two year sentence on a gun charge. But was taken right back into custody where he would be serving out another sentence in the federal penitentiary for a tax evasion charge.

At the time of the initial report, Ja’s prison release date was unknown. Now, the Federal Bureau of Prisons reveals Ja Rule’s expected release date.

As reported by the Associated Press, Federal authorities say platinum-selling rapper Ja Rule is in a New York City jail with a July release date.

Ja Rule has been given an expected prison release date of July 28th.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons also revealed that Ja is currently being housed in Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center. The MDC houses prisoners who are awaiting court dates or very little time left on their sentences, such as Ja Rule.

Once Ja Rule is released from Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center on July 28th, he is facing an additional year of supervised release.