As Def Sounds previously reported, J.Cole reassured fans that his joint project with Kendrick Lamar is still on the way. Now, the NC rapper speaks in more detail about the project, and says that working with Kendrick is real competitive and both emcees will bring their A Game on the album.

During a recent interview with MTV, J.Cole discusses his collaborative album with Kendrick Lamar.

Cole states:

It’s mad competitive. It has to be, because we both love it. We’re not gonna speak about it, it’s not gonna be like, “Yo man I killed you.”

J.Cole says it isn’t about who has the best bars, but making the best possible songs:

It’s not about who’s better verse, it’s about the song. But if it’s just for flexin’, you definitely wanna show out.

Once again, Cole reassures the fans that a project will be released:

It’s coming. We already got too many songs. Even if you just get an EP, you gonna get something, but we got sh– that we holding in the stash.

As he wraps things up, J.Cole speaks on business making it difficult for two artists, from different labels to collaborate on a single project:

Now I see why those joints don’t happen, but it’s a different thing when you got will and both your minds are set on it; it should happen. But I can see why that sh– is hard, like all those f—in’ joints that were supposed to happen back in the days.

As of press time, no release date for J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar’s joint project has been set.

Watch J.Cole’s interview with MTV below: