J.Cole speaks on the Jay-Z collaboration,”Mr Nice Watch,” from his debut album, Cole World: The Sideline Story, and how it almost didn’t happen. Cole says that it came down to the final minutes.

J.Cole explains it’s a bigger record with Jay:

“Everything worked out, I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason. Like, when he did that, it made way more sense than my song. It’s a bigger record, a more universal record. Being the hip-hop nerd that I am, I would have loved to hear Jay-Z on that [“God’s Gift”] beat. But really, I’m fine on that song alone.

As he continued, he explains how it came down to the last minute:

“He was in L.A. and I got [there] that day around the VMAs or whatever. He actually pushed back the mastering, we went to mastering with no Jay-Z verse. I was like ‘oh okay cool, I guess he can’t do it.”

Cole adds:

“They were mastering the last song, and this is such a Jay-Z move, he called in and stopped the mastering and pushed it back like a week. Only he can do that. “

J.Cole has announced the record with Jay-Z will be leaked today, as he took to twitter and made the announcement last night, he tweeted:

Mr. Nice Watch. Tomorrow. Cole World

Watch J.Cole’s interview with Vibe below: