As Def Sounds previously reported, J.Cole earned a nod for Best New Artist at the 2012 Grammy Award ceremony. Now the RocNation rapper chops it up with the AP on getting the nomination.

“I feel blessed of course, first and foremost, but I’m already back to work. I’m already on to the next one. I’m grateful for everything that happened, but I’m not satisfied. There’s still accomplishments that keep happening from the work that I put in last year and the last two, three years. The single goes platinum, the album goes gold, Grammy nomination but those are just reminders of the work that I did. But that’s in the past. I’m already on to what’s the next move. That’s my mind state.”

Cole adds:

“Around the time of ‘Work Out’ or whatever when I was like ‘Yo, this is the single. Come on. Let’s go, we gotta move. And everybody at the label knew we had to move just like I knew but I was like ‘This is the one. Let’s go.’ It was because I was telling my management and telling the label ‘I have to beat the Grammy deadline. I gotta do it.’ Like if I don’t put my album out before the Grammy deadline which I knew, if you look at the date my album came out like two days before the Grammy deadline, and that’s cause I knew I got a shot.”

The 54th annual Grammy Award ceremony airs at 8PM EST on CBS. You can view more information about the Grammy’s by visiting the official site here.

Watch J.Cole’s interview below to hear what he has to say about the honor.