J.Cole released his new Born Sinner single, “Crooked Smile” featuring TLC, yesterday. Now, the North Carolina emcee explains the meaning of the record.

During a recent interview with Fuse, J.Cole speaks on the meaning behind his new single, “Crooked Smile.”

J.Cole explains:

The song is basically, “Keep Ya Head Up” – empowering. It’s embracing. It’s me saying that I don’t care about this. I understand [that] I don’t have the Colgate. I don’t have braces. I understand, and they definitely remind you.

He continues:

When you become somewhat known, they definitely make it a point to remind you about your flaws. I felt like I was in high school again, things I hadn’t worried about since I was like 17, I’m now worrying about again. So, that’s me empowering, taking ownership of it. Like yeah I know. So what? And I’m still doing this. And I’m still doing that. And flipping it to tell other people to embrace they flaws too and not be so caught up in the little things. Your weight, or your nose, or your eyebrows, or your smile, or your hair.

Cole adds:

You know what I mean? And it’s like giving people power to embrace they own flaws, in a nutshell. And TLC is on it, how incredible is that?

J.Cole’s sophomore album, Born Sinner, is slated for a June 18th release, and is available for pre-order [here].

Watch J.Cole’s interview with Fuse below: